• Hi, Tupka217.

    I took a liberty in writing a draft of better personality section for Hawkgirl page. I'd like to post it immediately but, I felt I should ask your approval and showed you the draft first:

    Shayera is a sassy Thanagarian woman with fiery personality to boot. Although brash and tend to jump into battle head-on, she is actually much clever and perceptive, capable of formulating and following plans when absolutely necessary, which is not a surprise given to her experience as the former lieutenant and instructor of Thanagarian military. The same experience allows her to be a capable manipulator and effective agent who successfully maintained her cover for years.
    During Thanagarian invasion, Shayera was torn between her loyalty towards her people and Justice League. At first, she sided with both Hro Talak, her commander and first lover along with her people and didn't hesitate to betray her fellow Leaguers (particularly Green Lantern whom she developed romantic relationships with) without a second thought. It took of her seeing the full extent of Hro Talak's plan which revealed to cost entire Earth she realized what her people up to was wrong, prompting her to reveal their plans to her former friends and ultimately switched sides in the end. However, the guilt from betraying those she dear most weighted heavily on her that she temporarily resigned from Justice League, only to later discovered that the-then expanded group still welcomed her despite everything and even gave her the second chance to restore her reputation as a hero. Around that time, she also developed friendly rivalry with Vixen, who dated John following her departure from the League.

    What do you think? I hope this one in-universe than previous one.

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    • The problem with personality sections is that they're interpretations.

      Also, it's hopelessly devoid of references.

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    • About interpretation thing, probably it had something to do with me not remembering much about the show despite of it hooked me when I was a kid and mostly focused on three-parter episode finale Starcrossed lately. I even takes my time understanding what I can about Hawkgirl through her bio in her page only to figure out it was not enough.

      I'll see what I can do to fix it once I got a time to do so but, if you turns out have a plan to write the section yourself or something, I hope what I wrote above helps even if it's a little bit.

      On the flip side, this prevented me from repeating that mistake in this FANDOM at very least. Which is a good thing cuz I made such kind of mistake somewhere else but, one of admins there didn't take it well as much as you are.

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    • Tupka217 wrote: The problem with personality sections is that they're interpretations.

      Also, it's hopelessly devoid of references.

      Regrettably, after due considerations, it is proven unlikely I'll be able to create personality section for Hawkgirl page, or seeing whether I can help expanding an article or two in this site. It's not that I no longer interested in helping out at this fandom nor have sufficient experience to do so. It's just the way I gather some infos and understanding things related to DC Animated Universe series obviously (particularly describing Hawkgirl's personality above) proved too controversial for your standards based on your claims above.

      When it comes about creating and expanding pages at FANDOM, I must try my best understanding articles related to pages in question, be it through observation or through official sources like trusted and astute users would. At times, I find myself filling the gap with infos based on my perspectives all while making sure such infos really fit hoping someone will help fixing/improving it, especially if official infos rather scarce. Some may tolerate that I inadvertently misunderstood infos for such articles while others such as you, not so much for a reason or two. Of course, I can improve stuffs that I added by adding a reference or two but, sometimes reference in question not that reliable.

      To sum it up, turns out I can't do much help in this FANDOM to begin with, be it due to me still misunderstanding a thing or two about the series (which is understandable due to its been a while since I watched Justice League series) or my help was never needed at all. Either way, it's a pleasure to work with you.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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