• I've been reading the page for Batman and I noticed that the events of Harley Quinn and Batman aren't listed. It seems like those events should be added. Also while I am at it, why not some of the extended comic books? Some of those really add to certain characters arcs that are not explored enough in the shows (i.e Nightwing, Robin, other supporting cast members of the DCAU). Not to mention the Batman Beyond 2.0 comics. Also it seems that DCAU is making somewhat of a comeback with this new Justice League vs. Fatal Five Movie.

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    • Nope. The comics are not canon for us. The early Batman comics were pretty much its own thing and ignored the show (and was ignored by the show). They had Superman and Luthor before STAS. Adventures in the DC Universe and The Batman & Superman Magazine are even worse.

      A couple of the Batman Beyond digital comics may tie up some story elements, but if we pick and choose which comics to take into account, based on nothing but our opinion, it becomes random.

      The DC Animated Universe is a continuity family, with TV series, movies, webseries, comics, games, easy reading books, toys, more comics, more movies. Things from one may not necessarily be canon in the other, and vice versa. We only cover a selection of that. If there are noteworthy events from tie-in comics, like Huntress' earlier appearance, Penguin's mayor run or the tying up of GL/Vixen/Shayera, we cover them in Background information. Otherwise it'd just be an inconsistent mess.

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    • Well thanks for the clarification! I appreciate your response. I agree that some of the comics are pretty God awful. And I think that some of the story elements from the Batman Beyond 2.0 comics are questionable (i.e. Bruce getting Barbara pregnant). But I do however think that taking the new movies into account is pretty important as there is a new one on the way and they add a little more lore.

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    • See the notes on Batman and Harley Quinn.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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