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"I am Thoth Khepera. Those who have joined me share their knowledge with me. We are legion."

Thoth Khepera was an ancient Egyptian queen.


Known as the Queen of Two Continents, Thoth Khepera was revered as a goddess, as she had some godly power that made her master of life and death. She used it to brutally govern her realm for over a thousand years.

Thoth Khepera's true face

Thoth Khepera's true face.

Ra's al Ghul searched for Thoth Khepera's secret for 500 years, and by deciphering the Scroll of Osiris he learned of the location of her tomb. He found her alive, entombed in a Lazarus Pit, surrounded by the corpses of many that had sought her secret too. Thoth Khepera offered him her secret by draining the life essence from his body. As she was interrupted by Talia and Batman, she dropped the guise of a young woman she had seduced others with and swore revenge. She summoned the souls of the dead around her, and grabbed Talia. Batman got her free, and let the others make a getaway. He toppled a statue over the pit, possibly destroying her for good.


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