Dr. Thomas Boyle was a member of the Zeta Project, who specialized in robots that work in extreme conditions, which resulted in Zeta's extremely durable chassis.


Boyle was disparaging about his old co-worker Eli Selig, saying the "old kook doesn't know what time it is".

Boyle somehow caught wind about Zeta tracking down his creators, so he leaked his travels plan on the Net, intending to meet Zeta at the Hub, the central transportation nexus of the United States. Once Zeta got close to try to talk, Boyle quickly slapped a jammer on his hand that froze his ability to use his credit card. He was intrigued that Zeta made a friend and nicknamed him Zee. He tricked Zeta into swiping his useless cred card on a game. Because he had no creds, Zeta was deemed vagrant, forcing Hub security on them. After the two eluded the guards in the executive lounge, Boyle walked in. He stated that he was working on a new space probe but couldn't obtain funding. So therefore, he needed them to "acquire" a few parts from around the Hub before releasing the jammer. However, remaining inconspicuous was impossible, mainly due to the presence of NSA agents. After two thefts, the duo decided to expose Boyle. By faking a scene in which Ro handing a transmitter to Zeta in disguise, Boyle was forced to run. Realizing he was set up, Boyle had no choice but to take off the jammer. Ro then stuck an active transmitter to his back, forcing him to run but he was soon apprehended.


The Zeta Project

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