DC Animated Universe

21st century[]



Late 2000s[]

  • The inmates of Arkham Asylum are transferred into a newer, more secure building.
  • Nightwing relocates himself to Blüdhaven.
  • Tim Drake is kidnapped by the Joker and Harley Quinn and tortured and brainwashed into becoming Joker, Jr. During the process, the Joker implants a microchip stolen from Project Cadmus onto Drake's neck, which contains his DNA and a program that simulates his behavior. Three weeks later, Batman and Batgirl find the Joker at the ruins of Arkham Asylum. During the ensuing confrontation, the Joker is killed by Drake and Harley Quinn escapes after falling into a chasm. (Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker)
  • After a year of therapy with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Drake recovers from his trauma, but is forbidden by Bruce from being Robin again. Drake cuts ties with Bruce and leaves shortly after. (Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker)


  • Ra's al Ghul orchestrates a chaotic series of events that are later known as the Near-Apocalypse of '09, which ends in his defeat at Batman's hands and his body being too damaged to be healed by the Lazarus Pit. After his daughter Talia gives up her body and existence to him on his request, Ra's uses her body to continue his quest for immortality. (BB: Out of the Past)

Between the 2000s and the 2010s[]



  • Cybertronics Warrior is built (BB: Final Cut)


  • Batman, suffering problems from an old leg injury and heart problems, creates a suit so that he can continue to fight crime. Not long after, he suffers a heart attack during a rescue mission. While being beaten, he threatens his attacker with a fallen gun. Shocked that he broke his paramount rule and fearing that he will surrender to murderous temptation, he retires from crime-fighting. (BB: Rebirth)
  • Around this time, Wayne Enterprises begins a corporate rivalry with Derek Powers of Powers Technology with Bruce repeatedly averting attempted takeovers of his company by the latter. (BB: Rebirth)
  • Bane is released from prison. (BB: The Winning Edge)

Between the 2010s and 2030s[]

  • Following his retirement from crime-fighting Bruce Wayne withdraws from day-to-day operations at Wayne Enterprises, a decision that allows Derek Powers to successfully take over the company. As a result, the merger company Wayne-Powers is created.
  • Lucius Fox Jr., Vice President of Wayne Enterprises and son of Bruce's close ally Lucius Fox, is fired by Derek Powers. Fox goes on to form his own company Foxteca. (BB: Black Out)


  • After finding Warren and Mary McGinnis, whose psychological profiles match that of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Waller continues with the Batman Beyond project. She implants nanites into Warren's bloodstream, altering his reproductive material to match that of Bruce Wayne's. (JLU: Epilogue)


  • Warren and Mary McGinnis have their first child, Terry McGinnis. He is actually the genetic son of Bruce Wayne. (JLU: Epilogue)




  • Amanda Waller hires the Phantasm to murder Warren and Mary McGinnis, in the hope that the murder will prompt young Terry to become a new Batman. When the Phantasm refuses to go through with it, Amanda Waller decides to give up the Batman Beyond project. (JLU: Epilogue)
  • Mary McGinnis gives birth to Matt McGinnis who is also the genetic son of Bruce Wayne.


  • At some point following Matt's birth, Warren and Mary McGinnis divorce. Terry lives with his father while Matt stays with his mother.
  • Derek Powers exiles his son Paxton to the Wayne-Powers branch in Verdeza. Paxton's callous management enrages the residents of Verdeza as their lands and rivers are polluted as a result of Paxton's operations. (BB: Ascension)
  • Fourteen year-old Terry, now a delinquent, winds up with Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow, and the two commit a felony. Terry is sentenced to three months in juvenile detention, while Charlie, who is eighteen and therefore of legal age, is tried and sent to prison for three years. (BB: Big Time)
  • Bruce Wayne, who is making his yearly pilgrimage to Crime Alley, is accosted by a Jokerz thug. A stray dog appears and tries to save him, only to be violently knocked aside. An angered Bruce then gives a severe thrashing to the Jokerz thug and forcefully sends him away. Bruce then takes the injured dog home to treat its injuries and adopts it as his guard dog, naming it Ace. (BB: Ace in the Hole)


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  • On August 5th, Infiltration Unit Zeta, a robot programmed to be an assassin, goes renegade against the government and goes on the run, refusing to kill ever again. (TZP: Quality Time)

Early 2040s[]

Alternate 2040[]




Terry confronts Waller.

  • When Bruce Wayne's kidneys fail, Terry McGinnis learns that he's a perfect histocompatibility match to clone new kidneys for his mentor. Realizing that the odds were one hundred and eleven to one, Terry runs a DNA test only to find out that he's Bruce's genetic offspring. This leads him to breaking into Amanda Waller's home and confronting her for answers, who reveals the truth behind Project Batman Beyond. He also proposes to long-time girlfriend Dana Tan. (JLU: Epilogue)