21st century


Late 2000s

  • The inmates of Arkham Asylum are transferred into a newer, more secure building.
  • Nightwing relocated himself to Blüdhaven.
  • Tim Drake is kidnapped by the Joker and Harley Quinn and brainwashed into becoming Joker, Jr. Batman and Batgirl find the Joker at the ruins of Arkham and during a confrontation, the Joker is killed by Drake. Harley escapes after falling into a chasm. Before his death, the Joker implants a microchip onto Drake's neck, which contains his DNA and a program that simulates his behavior. (Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker)


  • Robert Vance passes away from incurable brain disorder and his brain impulses digitized to computer program so that he could guide his company. However, his company was shut down by his invenstors because they preffered to run his company without him. (BB: Lost Soul)


  • Ra's al Ghul creates a chaotic series of events, known as the Near-Apocalypse of '09, which ends in his defeat by Batman and his body being too damaged to be healed by the Lazarus Pit. After his daughter Talia gives up her body and existence to him on his request, he uses her body to continue his quest for immortality. (BB: Out of the Past)

Between the 2000s and the 2010s



  • Batman, suffering problems from an old leg injury and heart problems, creates a suit so that he can continue to fight crime. Not long after, Bruce suffers a heart attack during battle. While being beaten, he threatens his attacker with a fallen gun. Shocked at how far he's gone, he retires from crime-fighting. (BB: Rebirth)


  • After finding Warren and Mary McGinnis, whose psychological profiles match that of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Waller continues with the Batman Beyond project. She implants nanites into Warren's bloodstream, altering his reproductive material to match that of Bruce Wayne's. (JLU: Epilogue)





  • Warren and Mary McGinnis give birth to their first child, Terry McGinnis. He is actually the genetic son of Bruce Wayne. (JLU: Epilogue)







  • Amanda Waller hires the Phantasm to murder Warren and Mary McGinnis, in the hope that the murder will prompt young Terry to become a new Batman. When the Phantasm refuses to do it, Amanda Waller decides to give up the Batman Beyond project. (JLU: Epilogue)
  • Mary McGinnis gives birth to Matt McGinnis, who is also the genetic son of Bruce Wayne.





  • Warren McGinnis is killed by Mr. Fixx (BB: Rebirth)
  • Following the death of his father, Warren, Terry McGinnis takes up the mantle of Batman (BB: Rebirth)
  • Derek Powers is exposed to radiation causing him to become Blight (BB: Rebirth)

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  • Robert's son, Vance, died from heart attack (BB: Lost Soul)
  • His grandson, Bobby Vance, activates Vance Company program and Robert tricks Bobby to put him on online so that he can find more informations to transfer himself from living computer program into human body. (BB: Lost Soul)

Early 2040s

  • On August the fifth, Infiltration unit Zeta, a robot programmed to be an assassin goes renegade against the government and is now on the run and refuses to kill ever again. (TZP: Quality Time)

Alternate 2040

Early 2050s


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