DC Animated Universe

"The Vault" is the first episode of Season One of Gotham Girls.


A massive vine leads from the streets, past two subdued guards, to the top of a high building, where Poison Ivy is attempting to open a vault holding a fortune in diamonds while Harley Quinn acts as a lookout. However, her antics begin to distract Ivy, as she sings an annoying song, then starts humming it, and finally blows a piece of bubble gum until it pops.

Ivy, fed up, threatens to "cram fast-growing cactus seeds up [Harley's] tuckus" if she doesn't stop distracting her. At this, Harley remains silent, even as she sees Gotham's police swarm the area. Ivy manages to crack the combination and open the vault just as the duo is caught and arrested. Harley can only shrug helplessly as her partner berates her for not saying anything.

Interactive segment[]

In the moments leading up to Harley Quinn's bubble gum bubble popping, the viewer is repeatedly prompted to "get ready to click the bubble!" When the moment arrives, upon clicking the bubble, the viewer must use the arrow keys to help Harley blow a "double-bubble," then pop it with a pin.

If the bubble is not clicked, it pops after a second, regardless.

Background information[]


  • This episode opens and closes with a bat-shaped "iris-out" not seen for the rest of the series.


Actor Role
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy: (opening lines) A fortune of diamonds in this vault... and it's about to be ours.