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"The Ultimate Thrill" is the second season opening episode of The New Batman Adventures. Batman faces a challenge from Roxy Rocket, a former stuntwoman turned criminal, for whom danger is the ultimate thrill.


Roxy stunt

Roxy pulling off one of her signature high-diving stunts.

Aboard a zeppelin, people are being robbed by a female criminal, Roxy Rocket. After taking the jewels, Roxy leaps out of the zeppelin. The police spot her but there is nothing they can do to save her. Roxy uses a remote device to call her rocket over and she takes off flying. The police give chase in a helicopter and fire on her but she shoots a smoke bomb into their helicopter causing them to crash. Batman arrives and gives chase in the Batwing but the plane proves to be too bulky to follow after Roxy. He tries to corner her in a tunnel but the right wing of his plane is torn off and Roxy gets away.

Batman does a background check on Roxy and explains to Alfred and Batgirl that Roxy used to be a stunt double and made her living off movies. Unfortunately, she made stunts too dangerous and insurance companies would no longer cover her, destroying her career. Batman believes that she is now looking for revenge but Batgirl claims that she's looking for thrills and now that she's had Batman she won't settle for anything less. Either way, Batman is determined to find the fence Roxy is using to get rid of the stolen goods.

Meanwhile, Roxy talks to the Penguin in the Iceberg Lounge about the robbery. He pays her for the stolen goods and she offers a gamble: high card, double, or nothing. The Penguin refuses and tells Roxy that she needs to tone down the risks, as they are a threat to his reputation as a legitimate businessman. Roxy is unconcerned and plans to continue to take unnecessary risks.

Roxy and Batman

Roxy admires Batman for giving her a real challenge.

Later, Lucius Fox and Bruce reveals a painting they just acquired and Roxy crashes in through the window. She takes the painting and then sets off some fireworks made to create a bat image in the sky. Batman arrives wearing the Jet-wing. Roxy is instantly away and Batman is right behind her. Roxy dives down a maintenance pipe into a traffic tunnel and nearly kills Batman with an explosive that forces him to skim along the ground. Batman manages to escape death and chases Roxy out of the tunnel where he throws an electrified Batarang at Roxy's rocket disabling it. Roxy manages to land her craft but it is heavily damaged in the process. Batman goes after Roxy and throws down his jetpack on Roxy's rocket. For a time it seems Batman has caught Roxy as she is cornered on a steel girder in an unfinished building but she throws the painting over the edge forcing Batman to go after it. She then activates the self-destruct on her rocket and leaps onto a small blimp below. Batman saves the painting but has lost Roxy again. Batgirl then calls Batman and tells him that the Penguin is Roxy's fence.

Penguin angry at Roxy

Penguin berates Roxy for being too reckless.

Back at the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin is furious at Roxy for deliberately involving Batman. Roxy is unconcerned but Penguin decides she's too big a risk and tries to shoot her. However, Roxy manages to leap into the pool and rides one of the sea lions to the iceberg in the middle. She then uses a grapple on a chandelier and swings to safety. Angered and frightened, Penguin orders Roxy to be killed.

Later, Batman arrives and interrogates the Penguin over Roxy's whereabouts. Penguin grabs up a machine gun he keeps hidden in his umbrellas but Batman evades the bullets and gets the gun away from him. He then threatens to drop him from the building and gets the information he wants.

Elsewhere, the Penguin's henchgirls go to kill Roxy but she catches onto their presence and fights them off. Batman arrives and goes after Roxy but she's got another rocket and escapes with it. Not willing to give up, Batman jumps onto another rocket and gives chase. Roxy shoots the rocket with an electric gun causing it to fall. Fortunately, Batman catches Roxy's rocket with his grapple and is dragged along. Roxy tries to lose him by flying low over a forest but Batman manages to climb up and catch Roxy.

Batman and Roxy thrill

Batman and Roxy Rocket riding the "ultimate thrill".

Roxy decides to play one more game. She locks the controls on the rocket and tells Batman that if he jumps now he'll land in the water, if not, he'll either crash into the canyon wall or hit the ground. She too will die if he doesn't jump off so the game is to see who has the better mettle. Batman stands his ground while Roxy starts to get nervous. She tries to stop the rocket but Batman won't allow it. Roxy then becomes happy thinking Batman and she will die together but Batman jumps at the last second and uses a parachute to save them both. Roxy thinks they'll "play another day" but Batman slaps cuffs on her and the police take her into custody.


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  • The character of Roxy Rocket had originally appeared in the 1994 annual of The Batman Adventures, a tie-in comic of Batman: The Animated Series. Both Paul Dini and Bruce Timm liked the character and wanted to make a television episode for her.
  • This episode contains several sexual innuendoes, the most overt of which is Roxy Rocket joyfully exclaiming "oh baby, you're the best" to Batman before jumping off the rocket with him, during which Roxy stimulates the sound equivalent to an orgasm. Bruce Timm called this episode "probably the most blatantly risqué episode we've ever done."[2]


Actor Role
Kevin Conroy Batman/Bruce Wayne
Tara Charendoff Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Charity James Roxy Rocket/Roxanne Sutton
Paul Williams Penguin
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Alfred
Mel Winkler Lucius Fox
Rob Clotworthy Pilot
Rebecca Gilchrist Young Woman

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