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The Terrible Trio were a group of criminals representing land, sea and air.


The Terrible Trio were originally three rich, powerful and spolied youths in Gotham City. After trying every pursuit normally open to the rich - big-game hunting, race-car driving, yachting - they were still bored with their lives, and decided to try crime. Each of them adopted aliases that mirrored their families' businesses: "Fox" (oil drilling and exploration), "Shark" (shipping), and "Vulture" (aeronautics). They committed a series of daring heists throughout Gotham, and were thrilled with their success. They were even more thrilled when they managed to escape Batman.

"Fox", their leader, was engaged to Rebecca Fallbrook, daughter of businessman Sheldon Fallbrook, one of the Trio's heist victims. When Rebecca stumbled on their criminal activities, Fox was paranoid enough (and emboldened enough by their string of successes) to decide she was a threat and tried to kill her, to the horror of Shark and Vulture. Batman saved her and apprehended the Trio. Fox was last seen as his prison cell at Stonegate Penitentiary slammed shut behind him, leaving him terrified out of his wits.


Batman: The Animated Series

  • "The Terrible Trio"
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