The Rose's Thorn

The Rose's Thorn

The Rose's Thorn was a cargo ship moored at the docks of Gotham City.


Bane and Rupert Thorne's secretary Candice used the ship as a hideout in which they tied Robin to a crane and left him to drown in a pool with an anvil tied to his feet. Batman arrived on scene in order to find his partner but Bane challenged him to a fight on the deck of the ship. At one point of the fight, Bane launched Batman against a box containing a mooring gun, which he used to knock Bane out of the ship into the sea. Candice attempted to escape while Batman helped Robin out of the pool, but Bane got back on board. Batman and Bane resumed their battle while Robin and Candice wrestled in the pool. Bane was defeated by Batman when he ripped the hose out of Bane's head which injected Venom after using a Batarang to overload the Venom supply. While Candice ran away from the scene, Batman knew where she was going.


Batman: The Animated Series

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