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"The Parent Trap" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Static Shock. It first aired on May 24, 2003.


She-Bang returns to Dakota because she thinks her parents were kidnapped. She asks Static and Gear for help. They track down a thief who they believe is a new metahuman, but soon discover She-Bang's parents helping him steal items. They learn that the metahuman is actually Dr. Koenig, a scientist that used to work with her parents. His experiments on absorbing energy went wrong, transforming his body into a living rock that could absorb anything for energy. Koenig forces the doctors Vale to help him become normal again. A collar that can inject poison into them can be activated by remote and only Heavyman knows the code to release the collars. When the cure doesn't work the Heavyman tries to kill them and then goes after Static. The doctor eventually absorbs too much and becomes immobile. Gear uses Back-pack to find the code to break the locks from around She-Bang's parents necks. Static says that Shebang can join the team anytime she's in Dakota.


  • She-Bang finds out about Static and Gear's secret identity.
  • Last appearance of Chief Barnsdale.

Background information

Home video releases

Production inconsistencies

  • No director is credited.
  • The keyboard on Dolores Vale's computer misses the bottom row of letters, along with F11 and F12. Commands can be executed by pressing random buttons: pressing "6" initiates the most important process.
  • Shenice's "mask" is a bandanna, but she pulls it on like a hood several times in the episode.
  • Shenice's mom was wearing a blouse when she was captured, but has a sweater on when she shows Shenice the collar.
  • Shenice's ponytail appears out of nowhere right before she pulls her mask off the first time she's in the gas station.
  • Gear tries to get in contact with Static after he disappears in the nitrogen, but Gear uses a regular radio instead of their shock boxes.
  • In the gas station, Richie's glasses appear then disappear after viewing the video.



Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
Jason Marsden Gear/Richie Foley
Dennis Haysbert Chief Barnsdale
Rosslynn Taylor-Jordan She-Bang/Shenice Vale
Ron Perlman Heavyman/Dr. Koenig
Phil Morris Jonathan Vale
Pamela Tyson Dolores Vale