DC Animated Universe

The Master was the senior monk in Nanda Parbat and was a teacher to many, including Bruce Wayne and the late Boston Brand.


The Master trained Bruce Wayne, an orphaned billionaire who was traveling the world to learn new skills to assist him in his eventual fight against crime in Gotham City. The Master later took the spirit of Boston Brand, known as Deadman, under his wing, one of the few who could see him. Boston was very confused that although he avenged his own death, he hasn't been able to move on. His master calmly informed him that he will soon avenge his own. The Master's words prove true enough when members of Grodd's new Secret Society stormed Nanda Parbat, stealing the Heart, sapping the souls of every monk in the monastery.

Tasked by Rama Kushna to save the orb, Deadman went to the Justice League for help, informing Batman of the Master's fate. Together, they stopped Grodd from turning all humans into apes, using the Heart as a power source for his DNA converter. The Heart was destroyed, releasing the souls back to their bodies. However, Deadman accidentally killed Devil Ray, meaning that he would have to learn a lot more before he could move on.


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