The studio of The Inside Peek.

The Inside Peek was an infamous tabloid newscast hosted by the unscrupulous journalist, Ian Peek, which focused on the darker side of Gotham's celebrities, at one point almost including Bruce Wayne and his greatest secret.


After stealing Dr. Taka's research on matter phasing, Peek started "The Inside Peek", and used his new belt's abilities to spy on Gotham's celebrities and show their more private activities to the public, such as:

  • Rock star Jamie Jerald secretly meeting with a splicer to get a snake tongue.
  • Boxing trainer Jack Turley having an affair with his champion's girlfriend.
  • Paxton Powers's lecherous activities with women at a pool party.
  • Jimmy Lin secretly meeting with District Attorney Sam Young, arranging to testify against his own gang in order to avoid facing tax evasion charges. After Lin saw the episode, he attempted to kill Peek, but was foiled by Batman.

The show was immensely popular with the public and Peek finally got the ratings he craved for. Terry and Matt McGinnis were among the show's biggest fans, but their mother was not, reasoning that they wouldn't like it if they were the ones being exposed. However, after a confrontation with the new Batman, Peek saw his chance to expose the city's greatest secret and planted a plastic video camera in the Batmobile, using it to gain footage of Batman unmasking himself before his old partner, Bruce Wayne, in the Batcave. Peek posted a teaser of that night's episode of the show on television, with the faces blurred out, in order to ensure maximum ratings, but when the belt finally took its toll and began to make Peek genetically intangible, Peek was forced to put the episode on hold in order to call for help. Following Peek's apparent death, it is likely the show was cancelled altogether.


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