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"The Demon Within" is the tenth episode of The New Batman Adventures, which originally aired on May 9, 1998. Batman and Robin enlist the aid of the demon Etrigan when an ancient artifact is stolen.


Tim meets Klarion

Tim meets up with Klarion.

Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake visit Gotham Auctioneers, Ltd to keep Tim away from playing video games. Tim encounters another boy known as Klarion who claims he is there by himself.

Klarion leaves and sits down for the auction which is for the branding iron used by Morgaine Le Fay. Klarion bids $100,000 but a man named Jason Blood bids $110,000. The two soon enter a bidding war until Klarion bids $250,000. The auction is about to end when Bruce unexpectedly bids one million and wins.

Bruce picks up the iron and is confronted by Klarion who gives a warning but is interrupted by Jason Blood. Klarion acknowledges that they meet often but claims they will meet on purpose next time. Bruce greets Jason and he tells Bruce that Klarion turned his own parents into mice.

At Jason's apartment, Jason promises to pay back Bruce but he calls it a "professional courtesy". Tim discovers a statue of Etrigan and Jason tells him that it was a demon that Merlin summoned to protect Camelot. As they are talking, Klarion's cat Teekl tries to grab the iron while Bruce notices her and takes it away. The cat then morphs into a human-like creature and knocks Bruce down. Tim interferes but is quickly overpowered. Soon, Jason morphs into the demon Etrigan to Tim's amazement. Etrigan attacks the cat but a fire erupts and Etrigan decides to save Tim and Bruce and warns the cat of her reckoning. The cat quickly escapes into the night with the iron while Klarion waits. Klarion takes the iron and begins an incantation.

Jason heals Tim's wounds by placing a powder on his arm which makes the injuries disappear. Suddenly, Jason starts to feel pain and the spirit of Etrigan leaves Jason's body. Bruce questions Etrigan but informs him that his new master awaits and throws Bruce down. Klarion laughs at the developments.

At his home, Klarion informs Etrigan that while he has the brand, Etrigan has to do whatever he says. Etrigan knocks down the door and they leave. Meanwhile, Jason tells Bruce and Tim that the demon kept him from aging but with it gone, he will show his age until he dies. Bruce declares that won't happen if he can help it. Tim wants to help too, but Bruce instructs him to stay with Jason.

Etrigan enthralled

Klarion walks along with his new pet demon.

In town, Klarion walks out of a movie theater but claims he hates sequels and has Etrigan destroy it. Etrigan then wrecks an ice cream truck but doesn't find Klarion's favorite flavor, strawberry. Klarion sees a cake store and Etrigan throws the truck into the window and Klarion starts eating the cakes. A train is heard overhead and Etrigan throws the train off the track. Afterward, he demolishes old buildings for Klarion's amusement.

Batman soon appears with the intent to teach Klarion a lesson. The boy disagrees and puts a spell that makes spikes come out of Batman's body. Jason and Tim look on and Jason performs a spell to reverse the effects and the spikes disappear. Upon viewing the disappearance, Klarion makes tree limbs form out of Batman. He manages to knock Klarion down while the tree limbs also disappear. Klarion notices the help from Jason and instructs Etrigan to kill him.

Jason performs another spell which makes an illusion of several Batmen but Klarion finds the real one and tells Etrigan to follow him. Batman tries to elude Etrigan but finds himself at a dead end. With Etrigan approaching, Jason performs a spell that makes Batman go into the wall and become invisible, but Jason's strength is weakening. Klarion scolds Etrigan for losing him and tells Etrigan to go kill Jason.

With the danger imminent, Jason tells Tim to spread a powder in a circle while he chants. Etrigan appears, but the powder forms a force field and Etrigan is unable to break it. Jason loses his strength, and the force field collapses while Klarion visualizes it. Batman knocks Klarion down and grabs the iron. As Etrigan grabs Jason, Batman reverses the spell, and Etrigan and Jason become one again.

Klarion becomes angry and sends his cat who morphs into her human-like form. Batman brands her with the iron and tells her to sit and she reverts to normal form. Klarion soon releases energy blasts which knock Batman off a railing.

Klarion's punishment

Klarion sits alone in a crystal ball as punishment for his crimes.

As Klarion forms a big blast and fires it, a blast from Etrigan sends it back. Klarion is unable to withstand the blast and it sends him crashing into a stack of boxes. Etrigan recites a spell and disappears with Klarion. A confused Robin asks about the evening, but Batman, having had enough of magic for one night, doesn't want to talk about it. Klarion is seen trapped in a magic ball on a shelf as punishment, while a fully restored Jason reads the newspaper.


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  • Atsuko Tanaka, the director of this episode is known for her work on Studio Ghibli films.
  • Jason's quote "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet (Act I, scene v).
  • Klarion has Etrigan break into the Kirby Cake Company, a reference to Jack Kirby, who created both characters.
  • The tie-in DCAU comic, Batman Adventures Annual #2 "Demons", depicts the first meeting between Batman and Jason Blood.[1]
  • Devastator 3, the movie that Klarion saw and scoffed for being a sequel, seems to spin its title from the Terminator movie franchise. Also, the star-of-the-movie's name, Donald Shaltenpepper, is a clear spin on Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the first three installments in the "Terminator" franchise.
  • Both Billy Zane (Etrigan) and Stephen Wolfe Smith (Klarion) were in the 1997 film Titanic.
  • This episode was Stephen Wolfe Smith's final performance before his death in 2000.


Actor Role
Kevin Conroy Batman/Bruce Wayne
Matthew Valencia Robin/Tim Drake
Billy Zane Etrigan/Jason Blood
Stephen Wolfe Smith Klarion
Peter Renaday Auctioneer

Uncredited appearances[]


Auctioneer: Tonight we offer a number of fascinating artifacts from the so called 'Dark Ages'. First on the block is this. It is rumored to have been the personal branding iron of the Arthurian Era witch, Morgaine Le Fay. Legend has it this piece has some sort of magical power. Gotham Auctioneers, Limited, makes no such guarantee.

Klarion: Exquisite craftsmanship, isn't it, Mr. Wayne? Enjoy it while you can.
Bruce: Who are - ?
Jason: Klarion. Why am I not surprised to see you here?
Klarion: We do have a way of bumping into each other, Uncle Jason. Next time, it will be on purpose.
(Starts to walk away.)
Bruce: Jason.
Jason: Bruce. Thanks for stepping in.
Bruce: It was nothing. But tell me, how'd you ever get a brat like that for a nephew?
Jason: We're not related. For some reason, it amuses him to call me "Uncle", but don't underestimate him. He'll do anything to get what he wants.
Bruce: Surely his parents...
Jason: Don't expect any help from them. The little witch boy turned them into mice.
Bruce: You're not serious.
(Teekl opens mouth wide and hisses.)

Jason: Gone. Gone the form of man, rise the demon Etrigan!

Tim: So all this is what I think it is, right? Magic? Sorcery?
Jason: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".
Tim: What's that supposed to mean?
Bruce: It means get up. We've got a branding iron to find.

Batman: You've done enough damage for one night, young man.

Etrigan: Mother's grief, father's shame, soon he goes to whence he came.
Robin: What's that mean?
Etrigan: I'm sending him to his room.
(Etrigan vanishes with Klarion.)
Robin: About tonight...
Batman: Don't ask. Just don't ask.


  1. Modern Masters Volume Three: Bruce Timm by Eric Nolen Weathington (July 2004).