"The Dark Knight's First Night" is the name given to the short two-minute pilot used by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski to show Fox executives what they were planning to do with Batman: The Animated Series.


The Dark Knight's First Night Batman

A mysterious figure resembling a bat captures a criminal, then watches the other two draw their guns.

Two men armed with guns stand lookout while a third carrying a box emerges from a door on the top story of a building. He trips and spills all the jewels out of the box. While he and his partner try to clean up the mess, a shadow of a bat flies over them. Spooked, they draw their guns.

The Dark Knight's First Night Commissioner Gordon and the cops

Commissioner Gordon and his officers arrive at the crime scene to find a mysterious figure resembling a bat.

While they watch the skies, the third thief is caught by surprise and knocked out with one punch by a mysterious figure resembling a bat. The remaining two thieves start firing on him but he nimbly dodges each bullet. Finally, he takes the offensive and tackles them to the ground. One of the criminals grabs his gun again but is disarmed by a batarang. He's not willing to give up and punches Batman. The two fight for a brief while with Batman emerging victorious.

Just as Batman finishes his adversary, Commissioner Gordon and the rest of the police arrive on the scene. They watch as Batman leaps from the building and swings away into the night.


  • This short supposedly takes place on his first night, thus on the same day Bruce Wayne first dons the mantle of Batman after Andrea Beaumont left him in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Certain inconsistencies exist, as Gordon's hair color and Batman's suit are completely different than when they were younger in "Robin's Reckoning".

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Production notes

  • In the commentary on DVD release, it is stated that the original score for this section was lost, and thus the widely known theme song was used for its DVD release.
  • The episode features no full speaking roles; however, Bruce Timm provided grunts for criminals and Eric Radomski took care of the secondary characters.


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