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Robin Storyboard Sequence

The Complete Robin Storyboard Sequence

"How does he do it?"
— Joker

The Complete Robin Storyboard Sequence is a short presented as part of the special features of the DVD release of the 1989 Batman movie. The storyboards were created by storyboard/concept artist David Russell for the movie.


The short is actually a reconstruction of a scene removed from the movie before it was filmed using the original storyboard art by David Russell and voices by Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as Joker, and Jason Hillhouse as Robin to illustrate a (short) depiction of Robin's first night.

Bruce Wayne runs across the rooftops of Gotham to try and follow the Joker in a van. He puts on a mask to hide his identity and jumps down onto a policeman's horse (pushing the cop off) and proceeds to chase after Joker. His butler, Alfred drives by and tosses him his "work clothes". Bruce thanks Alfred and continues the chase (while changing). Joker spots Batman following him and shoves his goon out of the way to take control of the van. While laughing, Joker crashes into a performance by The Flying Graysons and sets off fireworks that result in the fall and death of John and Mary Grayson. Their son, Dick, almost immediately swings down onto the van. Joker fires his gun up at Dick who just barely manages to dodge the shots and hold on. The van reaches a tunnel and Dick is too high. He is pulled down by Batman before he is hurt and the van crashes into a wall. Joker exits the van with his goons and makes fun of Batman's new friend. He tells Batman that he won't kill him just yet as he is the guest of honor at his upcoming party. Batman questions this and Joker reveals that he is Jack Napier. As he drives off, Dick screams after him for killing his parents.