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"The Breed" is the third episode of Static Shock. It first aired on October 10, 2000.


Two black teenage boys are sitting at a table covered in books and papers; one is in pain.

Derek gets cramps while being tutored by Virgil.

Virgil, Frieda and Richie are watching the school track team, Frieda for the purpose of reporting about it in the school paper. After the athletes finish, Derek Barnett, a popular track athlete who is admired by many girls (including Frieda), asks Virgil to give him academic tutoring. Later, Virgil is tutoring Derek at his home, but before they're able to do much, Derek begins getting cramps and excuses himself.

A glowing, vaguely humanoid being with a distressed look on his face is about to be grabbed by a living shadow on the wall behind him.

Ebon grabs Derek as a shadow.

On the bus heading home, Derek's cramps begin getting worse and his latent superpowers awaken, causing him to transform into a monstrous glowing form. This scares the other passengers, who realize he's a Bang Baby, and they run away. Then, he accidentally shoots a ball of energy from his hands, destroying the front window of the bus. Wondering what's happening to him, he runs out of the bus only to accidentally shoot energy balls at a police car, causing it to spin out of control, flip over, and bump into and activate a fire hydrant. Thankfully, Static zooms by and uses his electric powers to stop the police car and put it upright, then tears the roof off the car and rolls it up to plug up the fire hydrant. A crowd cheers for Static and Derek runs away. Derek is spotted by Ebon, a being with shadow powers, who uses his powers to whisk him off to the hideout of his organization of Bang Babies known as the Meta-Breed, consisting of himself, a woman called Talon who has bird-like features, and a man called Shiv who can create weapons out of energy.

Richie is hanging out with Static and shows him his new invention, the Static Saucer, a collapsible mylar disc Static can ride on by propelling it through the air with electricity (a flying technique he had previously done with miscellaneous disc-shaped items). The two discuss the fact that Derek has been missing for several days.

Later, Static is patrolling the city when the Meta-Breed attacks him, and Ebon takes Static to his hideout. He introduces Static to the Meta-Breed members, including Derek, who he introduces as D-Struct, but he later calls him Derek, cluing Static into who he is. Ebon attempts to recruit Static but is turned down.

A black teenage boy looking in a mirror and concentrating while his previous form - a large glowing being - fades away.

D-Struct is briefly able to turn back to his human form.

Virgil and Richie try talking with Derek's mom and she confirms his absence. Then Virgil attempts to look up subways on the computer to find the Meta-Breed's hideout but is unable to. Meanwhile, D-Struct is looking in a mirror and is briefly able to change himself back into his human form but reverts back to the monstrous form quickly. Ebon tells him to embrace his new self.

The Meta-Breed embark on their plan to rob the Dakota Sportsman and Static clashes with them. Static tries to convince Derek to reject his new life, but Ebon tells D-Struct to attack him and he does so. The Meta-Breed return to their hideout and celebrate. D-Struct doesn't seem very happy, but Ebon tells him he has the most reason to celebrate because he killed Static.

Static is not actually killed, and Richie is able to find the real hideout location, Milestone St. Static goes there, and finds the Meta-Breed sleeping. Static talks to Derek and reminds him of the people who care about him, including his mom. The other members of the Meta-Breed then attack Static, but Static got through to Derek and he attacks his former teammates alongside Static. The two then escape using an old subway car which Static energizes with his electricity. The Meta-Breed pursue them, but Static and Derek work together to fight them off.

A vaguely humanoid glowing being and a black woman.

Derek and his mother are reunited.

Later, Derek embraces his mom in a hospital, where he's volunteering himself to be used in Bang Baby research, while Virgil and Richie watch. The two head home, with Virgil mentioning that he doesn't want to use the subway, alluding to his earlier escape.


  • Introduction of the Meta-Breed.
  • Introduction of the Static Saucer.

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Trivia []

  • Shiv's powers have a red glow in this episode. In the subsequent episodes, they have a purple glow instead.


Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
Jason Marsden Richie Foley
Bumper Robinson D-Struct/Derek Barnett
Gary Sturgis Ebon
Danica McKellar Frieda Goren
Telma Hopkins Mrs. Barnett
Michele Morgan Sharon Hawkins
Kevin Michael Richardson Robert Hawkins
Tia Texada Talon
Brian Tochi Shiv

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