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"I'm stronger than anybody! I knew I was stronger than you!"
— Ten[1]

Ten was a member of the first Royal Flush Gang.


Ten was a metahuman who developed superhuman strength and invulnerability seemingly equal to Superman's. Like the other members of the Royal Flush Gang, he was originally taken from his family by the U.S. government and educated at Project Cadmus's secret facility in the Arizona desert. The government's original plan was to use him and the other children as human weapons, before they were liberated by the Joker. Free of their captors, and encouraged by their new mentor to use their powers for mayhem, the kids happily became his new henchmen. Ten in particular commented that "the food [was] a lot better".

Their first caper was ostensibly to attack the Justice League in Las Vegas in order to stop them from thwarting Joker's bomb plot. Ten in particular was tasked to fight against Superman, as the only member of the Gang who could match the Man of Steel's powers.

Although Ten was able to match Superman in terms of strength, Superman was the more seasoned fighter, and Ten lacked his powers of flight and heat vision, which Superman took advantage of. On one occasion, he delivered an uppercut so powerful it sent Ten flying into the air, unable to bring himself down before Superman de-fused a nearby bomb. In the final bout, Superman knocked Ten into a metal obelisk, then quickly used his heat vision to melt it around him, and letting it cool into an inescapable bond.

It is not clear what happened to Ten after the Joker's plot was foiled.

Powers and abilities

Ten has superhuman strength and invulnerability comparable to the Man of Steel.

Background information


  • Ten was voiced by Khary Payton, who voices Cyborg on Teen Titans. Similar to Ten, Cyborg is African-American and has superhuman strength and invulnerability, though as a result of his cybernetic implants. Also, like Cyborg, Ten is bald.


Justice League


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