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Task Force X

Rick Flagg, Captain Boomerang, Plastique, and Temple Fugate.

"Always did want to die for my country."

Task Force X, also known as the Squad, was a field black ops team of expendable and deniable specialists, mostly condemned criminals, who carried out "suicidal" projects for Project Cadmus.


At the time the Justice League expanded its membership, Task Force X was led by a professional military officer, Colonel Rick Flagg, Jr.. All the other members were convicted criminals, several of them facing the death penalty. They carried out their assignments in exchange for the promise of pardon, in the unlikely possibility that they survived five years of service with the squad. Deadshot, and possibly others, were discouraged from deserting by secretly being fed explosive nanites that would fatally injure them if detonated.

The team was based in a warehouse near some docks which had formally been used by Lex Luthor and was therefore very secure against surveillance by super-beings.

Under Flagg's command, Task Force X was ordered by Amanda Waller to infiltrate the Watchtower in order to steal the Annihilator. Preparations for the mission included gathering information; extensive planning; studying the Watchtower's blueprints; and going over theoretical scenarios, such as what to do if things went wrong and improvisation would be necessary.

The mission was a success, thanks largely to a carefully conceived plan by Temple Fugate and inside information supplied by Vance, one of the Watchtower's bridge officers. However, Plastique was left behind in their escape, critically injured.

Task Force X's activities after that are not known, but it is implied that it was disbanded along with Cadmus. At least one of its members, Captain Boomerang stated that he had been pardoned after five years.


Background information[]

  • Task Force X is another name for an organization most commonly referred to in DC Comics as the Suicide Squad. However, Broadcast Standards and Practices prohibited the use of the word "suicide", so the other name was used.
  • The main recruiting grounds for the Squad is Belle Reve Penitentiary in Louisiana, as it contains several of the country's most dangerous criminals, including some metahumans.
  • In the comics, both Rick Flagg, Sr., and his son, Rick, Jr., have been members of the Squad. Deadshot and Captain Boomerang are also regular members.


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