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The Tarnower Building

The Tarnower Building was a skyscraper property of the company Tarnower Financial in Gotham City.


When Mr. Tarnower was on vacation in Hawaii, Clayface decided to steal from his safe. Once at the building, he impersonated a middle-aged guard and Mr. Tarnower himself, knocking out a guard named Billy. However, Batman appeared on scene and Clayface was forced to abandon his plans and make his way out of the window.[1]

A few years later, the building's penthouse served as the residence of crime lord Carlton Duquesne and his daughter Kathy. Following the destruction of the Beaks' Bric-A-Brac factory, Batman visited the Duquesne residence to obtain some answers. After subduing Carlton's henchmen, Batman decided to leave the penthouse after Carlton ordered him out saying "he and his woman caused enough trouble for one night".[2]


Batman: The Animated Series

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