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"I'll pave you alive!"

Tarmack was a somewhat oafish brute meta-human employed by Trapper and Specs.


Trapper and Specs employed Tarmack to steal an experimental fusion engine from Alva Industries. They gave him a thousand dollars, for which he barged into Alva's labs. Static, Gear and Rubberband Man intervened, but Tarmack managed to get away with the engine. He brought it safely to his bosses.

After the successful heist, he went to a Metahuman bar to shoot pool. Carmen Dillo asked him for some money, which Tarmack gave, as he had plenty. He bragged about the job he had pulled, and Carmen remarked, "No!" in an awed tone of voice. Then Carmen told him Alva had put up a one million Dollar reward for the return of the highly unstable engine. Intrigued about the reward, but also angry at himself, Tarmack went back to Specs and Trapper.

Specs and Trapper feigned sympathy but betrayed him once more. Specs blasted him while Trapper held him. When Static and his crew entered the hide-out, Tarmack made his getaway with the engine, hoping to claim the reward. Chased by Rubberband Man, he ran for Lake Dakota. However, Tarmack ended up in the lake, cooling him off to an immobile state. Rubberband Man managed to stop the fusion engine from overloading in time.

Background information[]

In the Milestone comics, Charles Bell was Tarmack, a thug-for-hire with a low intelligence. The animated version bears a striking resemblance to Magma and Clayface.


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