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"Academic achievement cannot begin early enough."

Thomas Kim was among the brightest students of Dakota Union High. When he grew angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis would occur, causing him to become Tantrum.


Thomas Kim was a brilliant student in his own right, though his father was only satisfied with perfection. Though unaware of it or its consequences, he was exposed to Quantum Vapor during the Big Bang. Whenever he was enraged, he would transform into a giant purple monster, whose only motive was revenge.


Thomas Kim

One of his first victims was Miss Pettibone, one of his teachers. Thomas had received a 99/100 rather than a perfect score because of one typographical error. After school, the monster attacked the teacher, but Static intervened. Tantrum was much stronger, and threw Static in a dumpster. Confident the "bad man" who zapped him was gone, the Tantrum left.

The next day, Virgil and Richie went to see Thomas. Richie had found Thomas' near-perfect essay on the crime scene, and the two wanted to return it—and investigate Thomas at the same time. Threatened, Thomas sent them away. He became angry, and slowly transformed into Tantrum. Seeking revenge, he attacked Virgil and Richie in the Hawkins' home. Virgil drove him off, and—as Static—lured him to an abandoned amusement park. When he found all his powers had no effect, he tried a different approach: reasoning with him, as his mother did to him when he was a baby. He managed to calm the monster, and Thomas reemerged.

Background information

In appearance, power and also speech patterns, Tantrum closely resembles Marvel misfit hero Hulk.


Static Shock

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