Tamara Lawrence was a Bang Baby.



Tamara Lawrence in her human form

After her boyfriend, Marcus Reed, broke up with her, Tamara went to the Docks looking for him, hoping to get him back, but he wasn't there. As it was the night of the Big Bang, she was hit by Quantum Vapor, and gained the ability to change into a powerful monster. Hungry for revenge, she decided to frame Marcus — who already had a bad reputation. She ambushed a policeman who had once arrested him, and tore apart one of his old work places. In the end, however, Static figured out Marcus was innocent, and Tamara was stopped when the hero exploited her sensitive hearing.

Tamara was stuck in Monster form when Dr. Todd's cure was sprayed in the air. She joined Ebon and Hotstreak, but their attempt to regain their powers failed and she was presumably returned to normal.

Powers and Abilities

In her Monster form, Tamara possessed incredible physical strength and durability, able to lift and throw heavy objects and uproot trees with minimal effort, as well as withstand Static's electrical onslaught. However, she also retained her extremely sensitive hearing, which Static used to overwhelm and incapacitate her.


Static Shock

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