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Tamara Caulder was an unusual child born with the power of telepathy.


Tamara was a child born into extreme poverty. She was also born with special telepathic abilities, and somehow the Brain Trust uncovered this information. So, Bombshell and Invulnerable Man approached Tamara's parents with the false pretense of offering help. They told them about a special school for the gifted, the Academy of Arts and Sciences. However, as soon as her parents realized she had forgotten to pack her favorite toy, they tried to call them up, but to no avail. The school turned out to be a fraud, so they reported Tamara missing.

While she was being transported on a stormy night, the vehicle was struck by lightning and plummeted to the ground. Batman, who was patrolling the skies, went to her rescue. Tamara exchanged a distressing look with him. On the next day, she made telepathic contact with Terry at school, pleading for help. However, Terry didn't respond to her, so she tried again later when he was in the Batcave. Encouraged by Bruce Wayne, Terry talked to Tamara, who showed him the hotel room where she was being kept. Although the message was cut short by Invulnerable Man, Terry managed to ascertain she was at Gotham Park Towers.

When Batman went to her rescue, Tamara telepathically warned him he was being ambushed. Later on, she contacted Terry again and told him she was being sailed away that night. She told him she was being kept in a boat and showed him the whereabouts, allowing Batman to track her down. He broke her out, but they were intercepted by Bombshell and Invulnerable Man. While Batman was taking a beating from them, Tamara intervened, using her telepathic powers to give Batman the opportunity to overpower Bombshell. She then unleashed a telepathic beam that rendered Invulnerable Man blind, thus unable to do them any harm.

Afterwards, Tamara was returned to her parents, and placed under protective custody. They moved to a better place and Tamara received professional help to deal with her powers.

Background Information

Tamara is voiced by Mara Wilson, an actress who began film work as a child. One of her notable roles was the title character in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl's novel "Matilda", a young girl with an astonishing intellect who also develops telekinetic abilities.


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