The origin of Two-Face

That Two-Face episode in B:TAS is easily one of the finest depictions of the character. It stayed true to his spirit even while the origin was notably altered* in both the physical and psychological causes for Harvey's transformation but I knew that "bully" theory was just a cover story.

The psychological explanation for Harvey's dark side--dubbed "Big Bad Harv," and after all these years, I still don't know if I find that silly or not--is it the result from years of Harvey's suppressed rage, stemming from his guilt at attacking a bully?

As far as psychological motivations go, it's rather specious. I mean, really, one moment like that doesn't create Two-Face. But it was written for kids who were likely familiar with the pain of bullies, and hey, ongoing child abuse isn't exactly the stuff of afternoon cartoons.

But then we have the comics based on B:TAS, which weren't afraid to introduce darker themes. As such, leave it to the great Ty Templeton to delve past the "bully" theory, and introduce a twist on the regular DCU origin in that comic book Batman Gotham Adventures #2: Lucky Day 20:34, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

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