Does anyone know who the boy "Nick" was supposed to represent in this episode? It seems like all the characters are references to Batman history. Matt resembles the '50s Robin of his story. Carrie, of course, is Robin from The Dark Knight Returns. Even "Joel" is a dig at Joel Schumacher. The third kid in the main trio, though, "Nick"... I can't place him as a creator or character from Batman's history. Any theories?

Comics influence

Just to tie in to the previous question (by some anon) and also in light of the rewrite: this episode is filled with legacy references.

As for the question of the above, I've got to thank TVTropes for this: the concept of the episode is based on a story from Batman issue 250 (coverdate July 1973), "The Batman Nobody Knows". In it, three city kids, Mickey, Ziggy and Ronnie, are taken by Bruce Wayne on a camping trip in the woods. Around the campfire, they relate stories about Batman, with Bruce listening.

  • Mickey tells the story of Batman not being human. He can fly, see (and walk) through walls, et cetera. Though he doesn't say "Scree Scree" like Nick does.
  • The second up is Ziggy. He's the gary stu. He's a black kid, and his Batman is basically a Steel/Hardware-esque vigilante. With wings. Not preserved in LotDK, but it was in Batman: Gotham Knight.
  • Ronnie, the girl, relates a story she heard from a criminal, about Batman being 10 feet tall.

In the end, Bruce Wayne slips out and dons his costume, and the kids laugh at him because that's not what Batman is supposed to look like.

Does anyone know on which Sprang era story the second story is based? -- Tupka217Talk 21:36, September 22, 2009 (UTC)

No clue. Sorry. ― Thailog 10:27, September 24, 2009 (UTC)
Already found out. It's an original story, not from the comics. --Tupka217Talk 10:59, September 24, 2009 (UTC)
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