"Hippolyta knows about Aresia's story to great detail, even though the captain who brought her ashore died at her feet upon arrival."

   Aresia is only shown unconscious during the scene where the captain rescues her.  Couldn't she have just told Hippolyta her story since she was awake through most of it? Zetaphrem 06:22, December 3, 2010 (UTC)Zetaphrem

Some Things...

A few things:

1. Inconsistencies section says:

Hippolyta knows about Aresia's story to great detail, even though the captain who brought her ashore died at her feet upon arrival.

Aresia herself could have explained her life story to Hippolyta. As for the events that followed Aresia's loss of consciousness on the wreckage, the knowledge she provided could have easily been deduced. (Aresia remembered the raft but not the captain, so she "must have lost consciousness as [she] drifted on her makeshift raft." In fact, she would have drowned eventually without him, and Hippolyta witnessed him bringing her to shore and dying from the exertion, so it was pretty apparent that "he struggled valiantly [...] until he brought [her] to the shores of Themyscira.") The only thing that doesn't fit is the part where he pulled her up from underwater, but that wasn't really a part of Hippolyta's narrative.

2. Inconsistencies section says:

Later, when Hawkgirl strikes Tsukuri just as Hippolyta appears, having broken free, Tsukuri is frozen in the position that she was hit, without staggering, falling or recovering.

It looks to me like she has her elbow on the pilot seat and is propping herself up that way.

3. Trivia section says:

Hippolyta falls from the plane and has to be rescued by Hawkgirl, indicating that Diana is the only Amazon who can fly, though it is possible her flight abilities come from her magical armour.

Diana has been seen flying on several occasions not wearing her armor: in "Maid of Honor" when she helped protect Audrey while wearing a party dress; in "Starcrossed" Part II when she was posing as a civilian, in "Hawk and Dove" when she stopped robbers in her street clothes (on her day off); and in "A Better World", Justice Lord Diana had completely changed her outfit.

Would it be okay to remove any of these points? Clutter is no fun. Damaijin (talk) 02:14, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

Inconsistencies happen.
  1. Aresia was unconscious for most of it.
  2. I'd have to check
  3. She may well be wearing her costume under her clothes. nonetheless, that section contains speculation and can go. --Tupka217 08:19, July 18, 2013 (UTC)
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