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Superman is a video game that was released in 1997 by Titus Software for the Nintendo Game Boy. It was based on Superman: The Animated Series.


Metropolis is once again under attack by the despicable Lex Luthor, and this time he'll stop at nothing to destroy Superman once and for all. You play as the Man of Steel, as he treks through 10 expansive levels to take down his long-time adversary. The battle will take place on land, through the air, and in the sea, and dozens of Luthor's henchmen will try to stop you. Luthor's main weapon this time around is the new Lexoskel-5000, a weapon that can wipe out the entire population of Metropolis if used correctly. You'll tussle with the elusive Shadow Walkers, go head-to-head with the alien force called The Preserver, and more.


Superman on Game Boy is a 2-D side-scroller comprised of ten worlds. The goal to each level is to collect enough keys to exit, whether in the action stages, the flying stages or the underwater levels. You find keys scattered in the environment or by beating enemies. Once you have enough keys you find the exit and advance. The game only has two bosses, with the Lexoskel-5000 repeated twice in the third, as well as final stage.


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