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"Sunspots" is the sixth episode of the second season of Static Shock. It first aired on March 2, 2002.


During science class, Virgil learns that the sun is currently having sunspots. He looks out the window and sees a building on fire. He gets to the scene and finds that his powers are going on overload. He figures out that the sunspots are causing it. The next day, Virgil assures Richie his powers were under control. Hotstreak has returned from jail, where he learned anger management. When Virgil is taking a test in history class, his powers start going crazy again. Later, on patrol, Static abruptly loses his powers. Thinking his life will be back to normal, he starts to do good in school again, along with having more time with his friends and finally getting a good night's sleep. Richie and Virgil run into Hotstreak, who is causing trouble again, and a fight ensues. Static is able to fool Hotstreak into thinking he has powers for only a little while. Hotstreak learns that Static has run out of power, so he chases him. However, Hotstreak is eventually stopped when Static conducts electricity from a nearby rooftop fan. He gets all his powers back, and the sunspots are over with.

Background information[]

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Production notes[]

  • When Hotstreak is chasing after Static, he hurls fireballs at him and one of them causes an explosion that is reused footage from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, when the console that the Jokerz tried to steal blows up.

Production inconsistencies[]

  • In the first scene in the classroom, Virgil's pants are colored tan instead of red.
  • When Static starts draining the fan's electricity, a long scene shows him wearing his goggles even though they were dropped in an earlier scene.
  • When Hotstreak arrives at the school, Virgil and Richie repeatedly switch positions.
  • Sharon is seen in Virgil's class when his powers go berserk. She is his senior by several years, and as revealed in "Pop's Girlfriend", attending college.


Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
Mr. McGill (uncredited)
Jason Marsden Richie Foley
Kid (uncredited)
Kevin Michael Richardson Robert Hawkins
Security guard (uncredited)
Michele Morgan Sharon Hawkins
Crystal Scales Daisy Watkins
Danny Cooksey Hotstreak/Francis Stone
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Driver


Richie: I'd get a refund on those anger management classes if I were him.

Daisy: (on the phone) Virgil? I can barely hear you. I think I'm having a problem with static.
Virgil: So am I, Daisy. So am I.

Richie: Any way I can talk you out of this?
Static: Can't think of one. Maybe it'll come to me later.

Richie: Didn't you say something about having your own life again, about getting used to it?
Static: I guess that's just not enough for me.
Richie: I was right. He loves being a hero.