Sunny Jim was an escaped con with a bounty on his head. Sunny Jim got his head carved in a fight with Lobo, so he replaced it with a Smiley. He kidnapped Darlene, in an attempt to have a date with her, so that he'd win a bet that he made with Lobo. Instead, he decided that he wanted to sell her at Tubo's Swap Meet for two thousand credits. Eventually, Lobo caught him and beat him to a bloody pulp in the form of a CD that resembled his face.


Sunny Jim had a bet with Lobo to see who could have sex with a waitress from Al's Diner named Darlene first. Lobo carved up Sunny's face so Sunny would lose the bet. Sunny later replaced his face with a smiley face. He gassed Darlene and decided to sell her to Tubo's Swap Meet for two thousand credits. Tubo declined the offer because he wanted to sell Darlene for parts. Sunny Jim took Darlene into The Mental Zone and to the Interstellar Managers Planet where the MBA assisted him into taking out Lobo. Darlene got out of Sunny's grip and Sunny came towards Lobo. Lobo played a game of golf with his head and beat Sunny Jim to a pulp.


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