DC Animated Universe

Summer Gleeson was a news reporter and anchor in Gotham City. She worked for WGOB and was the host of Gotham Insider.


Summer Gleeson was Gotham City's top news reporter. She was often seen reporting and interviewing people about various events happening in Gotham, later broadcasting her news on the WGOB station. Gleeson's fierce dedication to reporting and being the face of Gotham's news personnel would sometimes attract unwanted attention from criminals. This included being kidnapped by several of Batman's villains, such as Joker,[1] Kyodai Ken,[2] and Lock-Up.[3] Despite this, she never wavered in her tenacity as a news reporter.

Later on, Jack Ryder would become her co-anchor on Gotham Insider.

Background information[]

  • Summer Gleeson has not appeared in the mainstream DC comics (though there was mention of her name in the No Man's Land series), but she is similar to another character in the comics named Vicki Vale, with many traits in common but enough differences between them. These traits include being redheads, being some form of a reporter and both of them knowing Bruce Wayne personally. The main difference between the two is that Summer, unlike Vicki, has never been romantically involved with Bruce Wayne and only knows him as an acquaintance.
  • Despite her general absence in The New Batman Adventures, the official website for "The New Batman-Superman Adventures" refers to Summer as Jack Ryder's Gotham Insider co-host.[1]
  • In the Batman Beyond episode "Lost Soul", a newscaster in the opening prologue closely resembles Summer Gleeson, but it is unclear if this is meant to be the same character, as she is simply credited as "Newscaster".



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