"Strategery" is the fourteenth episode of Gotham Girls.


Strategery - Chess game

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn play chess game.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, having stolen a CD (a piece of government property), are intercepted by Batgirl. They play a game of keep-away, tossing it to each other, keeping it out of Batgirl's hands until Batgirl tricks Harley into tossing it to her by declaring that she's open.

As Batgirl leaves with the stolen property, the two criminals escape back to Poison Ivy's place, where Poison Ivy decides that Harley Quinn needs to learn to stop falling for tricks like that. She demonstrates her gullibility with an old-fashioned nose-flick. Determining that there's only one way to learn to think strategically, she introduces Harley to chess. Several hours later, she is stunned when Harley defeats her.

Strategery - Harley Quinn gets hit by a wrecking ball

Harley Quinn gets hit by a wrecking ball.

After Harley passes one last test—overcoming the "nose-flick" bit—Ivy concludes that she's ready. Some time later, she and Harley are fighting Batgirl on a rooftop while construction work goes on nearby. Batgirl points behind her, warning her—but Harley, refusing to listen to what she assumes is another trick, simply stands there and gets hit by a wrecking ball. Batgirl winces, and Harley is embedded facedown in the roof. She weakly groans, "Check, please".

Interactive Segment

When Poison Ivy is rummaging through a trunk, the viewer can click a series of question marks, causing her to pull out a moose head, a cactus, a stuffed Joker toy and a fondue pot, all to varying reactions, before she retrieves the chess box.

Later, the viewer is invited to help Harley put Ivy's king in checkmate.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy: I'm not angry with you, Harley girl. It's unrealistic to expect someone to perform beyond her limitations.
Harley Quinn: Right... (offended) Hey, what's that supposed to mean?
Poison Ivy: [points at Harley's chest] Ooh, what's this?
Harley Quinn: Where? [gets flicked in the nose] Hey!

Poison Ivy: One last test. [points at Harley's chest] Ooh, what's this?
Harley Quinn: (refusing to look down) I... I... I don't care!! [slumps down, exhausted]

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