"Ain't that a kick in the head?"
— Stompa

Stompa is a member of the Female Furies and a New God of Apokolips. She is one of the strongest warriors on Apokolips, and one of Granny Goodness's favorite subjects.


Very little is known about Stompa's past before she joined the Female Furies. It is presumed she resided in Granny's orphanage, where she was trained in special tactics.

The Battle With Supergirl

Stompa causes an earthquake.

During Granny Goodness' mission to destroy Earth, she ran into some conflict with Supergirl and Jimmy Olsen. She summoned the Female Furies to take care of the two, and Stompa was able to get the best of Supergirl with her anti-matter boots, creating an earthquake and burying Supergirl under a destroyed building. However, Superman interrupted the battle, and the Furies were eager to have the chance to fight him. With Superman distracted with worry over his cousin, the Furies combined their efforts and took him down. They then brought Superman before Darkseid, but Supergirl came to his rescue. After a fierce battle, Stompa was knocked out of Darkseid's throne room with a large pillar. After Superman and Supergirl escaped, Darkseid ordered the Furies to punish Granny for her failure.

Brainwashing Superman

After Granny Goodness had brainwashed Superman into joining Darkseid's army, Stompa and the other Furies were seen as his teammates. However, Superman soon regained his memory and returned to Apokolips. There, he was ambushed by his former allies, who all tackled him as he was flying. As a last resort, Superman smashed into a fiery pillar, leaving the Furies to fall one after another.

The War on Apokolips

With Darkseid missing, a war broke out on Apokolips. Virman Vundabar and Kanto were on the opposing end, while Stompa was allied with Bernadeth, Granny Goodness, and the other Female Furies.

Powers and abilities

Stompa utilizes anti-matter boots which create earthquakes and tremors upon collision. She also has massive strength and durability.

Appearances and references

Superman: The Animated Series

Justice League Unlimited

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