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"Just like his son."
— Batgirl

Steven "Shifty" Drake was Tim Drake's father and a crook who worked for the gangster Two-Face.


Shifty Drake got into crime at a young age. Over the years, his criminal record got to include burglary, armed robbery and grand theft, among others. Drake was an occasional henchman in the service of Two-Face. When he stole from his former employer, Two-Face pursued him and roughed up his son Timmy. Shifty was long gone on his way to Metropolis. However, he never made it, and his body was fished out of Metropolis River later.[2]

Background information[]

  • In DC Comics, Tim Drake's father was Jack Drake, a widower, respected businessman and neighbor of Bruce Wayne. Jack was murdered by Captain Boomerang in the 2004 event Identity Crisis, although he also shot Boomerang dead in self-defense.
  • Steven Drake's background resembles that of Willis Todd's, the father of Jason Todd, the second Robin in the comics. Willis was a petty criminal who was killed by Two-Face, while Jason went on to become Robin, replacing Batman's original partner Dick Grayson in the comics in 1983.


The New Batman Adventures


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