"This prey requires a more experienced hunter..."

Steppenwolf was a general of Apokolips's military.


Steppenwolf served as commander of his master Darkseid's Parademons for many years. During Apokolips's first invasion of Earth, Steppenwolf spearheaded the invasion force, and was also given the particular task of capturing Superman. However, the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit led by Dan Turpin helped Superman turn the tide.[1]

Steppenwolf later commanded an invasion of a planet as part of Darkseid's continuous search for the Anti-Life Equation. However, his forces were ambushed by an armada from New Genesis, forcing him to retreat with his remaining ships as the New Genesis fleet gave chase. Eventually, only Steppenwolf's flagship remained after the only other surviving warship was destroyed, and the New Genesis fleet crippled his ship to the point of making escape impossible. Steppenwolf managed to inform Darkseid on the situation, and Desaad reminded Darkseid that he knew Steppenwolf's mission was in violation of the treaty with New Genesis. Darkseid waves off his actions as being a calculated risk, and, without any intention of aiding Steppenwolf, callously commended the general for all his years of service, and ordered him to destroy as many as he could in the time left. Steppenwolf was killed just after solemnly acknowledged the order, and Orion then sent his ruined flagship to Apokolips via boom tube, where it crashed into the planet's surface and caused considerable damage.[2]

Weapons and equipment

His weapons of choice are a cable snare and an electro-axe. He rides a hover-bike into battle.

Background information

Darkseid's uncle, Steppenwolf, was commander of Apokolips' military. But when Darkseid was plotting to take power for himself, he decided to incite a war between Apokolips and New Genesis and take over amidst the chaos. Darkseid convinced Steppenwolf to go to New Genesis and hunt its people for sport. Steppenwolf ended up killing the wife of Izaya the Inheritor (later, Highfather) and the bloody war began. Without Steppenwolf or Heggra, Darkseid took power. Izaya then killed Steppenwolf to avenge his wife. However, Darkseid was able to resurrect Steppenwolf with Apokoliptian technology and placed him in command of his military again.


Superman: The Animated Series

Justice League


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