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The Thanagarians arrive on Earth, claiming to be here to protect us from their sworn enemies, the Gordianians. When Batman discovers the Thanagarians are lying, Hawkgirl must choose between her people and the Justice League. She betrays the League and provides the Thanagarians with a report of their weaknesses, allowing the League to be captured and imprisoned.
The League manages to escape the Thanagarian prison ship, and regroup at the Batcave. Meanwhile, Hawkgirl discovers that the Thanagarians plans involve the destruction of Earth. Upon hearing about the League's escape, she also goes to the Batcave to warn her former teamates, and return Green Lantern's Power Ring.
Shyera is imprisoned for treason by the Thanagarians when she returns to their base. She'd unknowingly, led the Thanagarians right to the League. This time however, the League was ready for them. The Justice League destroy the Thanagarian's Hyperspace Bypass Generator. Their mission failed, the Thanagarians leave Earth.
Later, the League meets to discuss weather or not to allow Hawkgirl to stay in the League. They vote, but before they can inform Shyera of their decision, she resigns.

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