"Stanton Vreeland was a playboy sportsman who'd blow away anything that wandered into his gunsight. He had to preserve animals, or he'd have nothing left to shoot."
Selina Kyle

Stanton Vreeland was a famous hunter and wildlife conservationist.


Stanton Vreeland was described as a "playboy sportsman", who was very famous in Gotham City. He became a famous hunter and a wildlife conservationist.[1]

At some point of his life, Stanton had a son with an unnamed woman. His son eventually became a general in the US Army.[2] His son also gave him a granddaughter, Veronica Vreeland.[1]


Years later after his passing, his granddaughter Veronica dedicated a hall of the new museum to him. It didn't sit well with Selina Kyle, who voiced her discontent over the elder Vreeland's life of hunting animals rather than preserving them.[1]

Posthumously, Stanton became great-grandfather with the arrival of Bunny Vreeland, Veronica's daughter with an unnamed man, who became an actress by the 21th century.[3]


Batman: The Animated Series


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