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The Stacked Deck was a bar and pool hall in the Docks of Gotham. It was a hotspot for all kinds of criminals.


It was once used for a sting operation by the police and Batman to catch several villains in one go.[1] Mad Dog once made a call in a phone booth and Batman, disguised as "Matches" Malone, used his lipreading skills to find out where he was going.[2] Batgirl and Catwoman grilled The Chemist to find out who's chemicals were left at a crime scene that Catwoman was framed for.[3] On the 7 year anniversary of the Joker's creation, the Creeper burst into the Stacked Deck and fought Mo, Lar and Cur.[4]

The Stacked Deck was one of the places Batman and Batgirl looked when Robin was kidnapped.[5]

Many years later, Ace was trained for fights in a backroom of the Stacked Deck by Ronny Boxer.[6]


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