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Sroya Bashir
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Voiced by: Jennifer Hale (uncredited)

Sroya Bashir was a television reporter who has been working for stations known as VOX[1] and CCB.[2]


Sroya was present at an evening party in Paris, but was called to Kaznia to report on the incapacitation, caused by an apparent stroke, of King Gustav.[3]

Sroya was interviewing Lex Luthor in his mansion about his new book, "Into the Light".[4] It told of his apparent reform after the Justice Lords incident.[5] A bit skeptical herself, she seemed to come around when he told her of his Kryptonite poisoning and the drastic consequences it could have on his future. While Luthor explained that he considered the Justice League as a sort of friends, Supergirl and Steel flew up and snatched him away, leaving Sroya and her camera crew stunned.

During Darkseid's invasion of Earth, she reported from Paris. She witnessed the retreat of his forces to "wherever they came from".[2]

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