DC Animated Universe

Sqweek had the bad luck of being hunted by Lobo.


Sqweek raided Emperor Spooj's treasuries, and for that, the emperor sent Lobo to collect him. Lobo caught up with him at the Steaming Load Tavern, and took the diminutive alien with him.

Lobo was captured by the Preserver. To ensure his services in capturing Superman, Sqweek was temporarily moved to a different location. When the job was done, Lobo got him back—for a while. Apart from the last Kryptonian, Preserver also wanted the last Czarnian. Sqweek was placed in the care of two robot girls, which he didn't mind at all. Lobo barged in on his dream vacation, and dragged him along once more.

Lobo brought Sqweek before Spooj, who put him on cleanup duty.


Superman: The Animated Series