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Spring City Girls Home

Spring City Girls Home, located on Gaines Street in Spring City

Spring City Girls Home was a group home for girls without parents located in Spring City.


Rosalie Rowan lived here sometime after having left Sherrif Morgan's care in Hillsburg. One evening, while coming to Kale's defense, Ro stood up to a group of bullies in the facilities cafeteria. Outnumbered, when Miss Berkely arrived, the three bullies were able to spin the story by saying Ro started the altercation, landing her "latrine duty".

As Ro spent her night scrubbing the bathroom, she noticed the electric panel on the window's bars. Bashing the panel with a nearby trash can, she was able to hotwire the underlying cables to open the window. Leaping down from the window, the teenager was spotted in the facility courtyard by another employee. As the alarm started to sound, Rosalie climbed a pile of trash and leapt over the brick wall surrounding the home before being pulled into an alley by Slam, successfully evading her pursuer.[1]

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The Zeta Project

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