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"...my ex-sidekick."
Green Arrow and Speedy[1]

Speedy was a youthful superhero best known for being the ex-sidekick of Green Arrow. Like his mentor, he was a highly skilled archer who made use of an arsenal of trick arrows.


Speedy was a reserve member of the improved Justice League, as well as Green Arrow's old sidekick; however, he preferred to refer to himself as his ex-partner. Speedy was an archer on par with his old mentor, and equally equipped with a vast array of trick arrows. Speedy was summoned to fight General Eiling, who had mutated into a behemoth and ran amok in Metropolis. He spent all his arsenal of arrows and was reluctant to use the quantum arrow that Green Arrow told him to use in emergencies only. The two archers combined their arrows and unleashed a bombardment. However, it had little effect on Eiling. Even though he had run out of arrows, Speedy bravely charged at the brute, but was quickly subdued by his superior strength.

Background information[]

  • Speedy was featured for the first time in More Fun Comics #73 (Nov. 1941) and was created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris. Roy Harper, Jr. was taken in by a shaman called Brave Bow, after his father died saving members of a Navajo reservation from a fire. Brave Bow raised and taught the young orphan everything he knew about archery. Roy displayed great talent in the mastery of the bow, and soon came to the attention of Ollie Queen, the Green Arrow. After helping to stop a robber with his skill, Roy was adopted by Ollie, who revealed his secret identity. Roy took on the name of 'Speedy,' due to his quick drawing and firing, and fought alongside his mentor on many adventures.

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