"Things here are only as fast as I say they are!"
— Speedwarp

Speedwarp, real name Eddie Felson, was a kid with a crush on Daisy.


Virgil and Daisy first met Eddie Felson at a science summer camp. Eddie was the kind of nerd that got picked on, even by the other nerds. Daisy was the first person to be actually nice to him. He soon developed a crush on her.

Eddie graduated from Dakota Union High early and went to college. During spring break, he came back to Dakota in an attempt to win Daisy over. His new internship at Dr. McDonald gave him access to the Time Gauntlet, that was being developed there. He stole it and used it to steal luxury items. After his first conversation with Daisy did not go the way he planned, he decided to steal something for her—a necklace that she really wanted.

Dr. McDonald found out about the theft, and spoke a message in Eddie's voicemail. He told him that he should give back the Time Gauntlet, or he would take a CCTV tape of him stealing it to the police. Speedwarp searched McDonald's office, but found nothing. He tracked his boss to the airport, and used hypertime to sabotage the doctor's plane and steal the tape. After Static and Gear safely landed the powerless plane on Woodward Avenue, police raided Eddie's house. He escaped with the Time Gauntlet. Meanwhile, Gear worked with McDonald's notes to create a time manipulator for Static.

Speedwarp surprised Daisy at a B2K concert where Virgil took her. Stopping everything but Daisy, he confessed his love to her. She refused and fled. Static used his time manipulator to go into hypertime. In the ensuing fight, Speedwarp took off Static's time belt, but the combination of the two time manipulators caused an error. Eddie was trapped inside hypertime, moving at a very low speed. He was taken into custody.

Powers and abilities

With the Time Gauntlet, Speedwarp could manipulate hyper time. He could speed up the time outside it, or slow it down, giving him the appearance of super-speed.


Static Shock

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