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Specs was a young genius who, along with his associate Trapper, clashed with Static on multiple occasions.


Specs was, with Trapper, a senior at the Vanmoor Institute, and a tutor to Virgil, Daisy, Duncan and Henry. As a side job, they worked for Edwin Alva, for whom they built machines that could track down Static. After their first attempt failed — they crashed their robot into Alva's office — Alva took them under his wing so that they wouldn't cause too much trouble to anyone else.

They had to work on Alva's attempt to bring back his petrified son, but they did their own experiments in their private time. Alva did not take kindly to that.

Specs and Trapper eventually donned their experiments, and Specs became Spectral — with a visor, he could shoot a variety of laser beams. They managed to capture Static. When Specs informed Alva, he wasn't pleased — he needed them working on his son's restoration. When Static escaped, and the restoration lab was destroyed, Alva fired them.

In retaliation, they stole Alva Junior's body, and brought him to the — now closed — Vanmoor Institute. A reluctant Static went after them, and managed to defeat Specs by breaking his visor.

Specs and Trapper served their time, and returned with a vengeance. With the help of the dimwitted goon Tarmack, they managed to steal a fusion engine from Alva. With it, they planned to power a "Disaster Maker" — a device that could destroy the soil beneath Dakota unless a ransom was paid.

They counted against their goon Tarmack. When he returned — unhappy about the meager pay he was given for the theft — Specs tried to take him out with an improved version of his visor. But instead, he hit the fusion engine, rendering it unstable. When Static, Gear and Rubberband Man appeared, he activated his ingenious defense system to contain one of Gear's zap-caps. Gear, however, had Backpack override all voice-coded systems in the room, after which Static surprised Specs from behind.


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