DC Animated Universe

"Good kid, but kinda mouthy."
Soul Power

Philip Rollins created his own power suit to become Sparky, Soul Power's sidekick.


In adoration of his big hero, Philip Rollins built himself an electrically charged suit when he was a teenager. He served as the sidekick of Soul Power.

After many adventures, Sparky retired from crime fighting. He became the head of a high-tech defense satellite firm. Soul Power came back to him when their arch foe Professor Menace resurfaced after many years. His former mentor needed access to the satellites to see any abnormal weather patterns. However, as the superhero lacked the proper clearance, Rollins couldn't help. When Professor Menace posed as a Defense contractor and stole the access codes, he donned his old costume again. Using one of the tracers he and Soul Power had carried back in their prime, Sparky arrived just in time to discover his partner and Static severely drained of energy in a decoy lair Menace had set up to trap them. Sparky used the electric energy stored in his costume to give the pair a much-needed jump start.

With the help of Sparky, Static and Soul Power found Professor Menace's hideout. Sparky and Static fought robot guardians while Soul Power took on his foe himself. With the robots proving an easier match than Menace, Sparky and Static boosted Soul Power's energy to a level at which he could defeat Menace.


Static Shock