Not to be confused with the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Solar Power".

Soul Power, real name Morris Grant, was an elderly superhero veteran with powers similar to Static's.


Soul Power in his prime.

Soul Power was one of Earth's first superheroes. In the early 1960s, Morris gained his electric powers in an accident when he got in the way of a group of thugs trying to sabotage the hydroelectric plant at Hoover Dam. During the fight, Morris was knocked into the generators. Rather than being killed, or at least severely injured, Morris' body absorbed the electric energy, allowing him to generate the energy output equivalent of ten turbines.

He has a base hidden underground in or near Dakota's rapid transit system called the Power Pad, and he drives a car called the Soulmobile. When he was an active hero, he had a teenage sidekick called Sparky, a boy with a genius intellect who invented an electrically-charged suit in order to emulate his hero. Soul Power had his share of adventures, and probably saved the world on more than one occasion. Soul Power was an advocate for Civil Rights, saying he fought for it so that young men like Sparky and Virgil could have a better future.

In 2001, Soul Power and Sparky came out of retirement to team up with Static in order to defeat Soul Power's greatest foe: The evil genius Professor Menace. After his foe's defeat, Soul Power and Sparky are officially retired from hero work.

Background information

  • Soul Power was originally intended to be DC Comics superhero Black Lightning, but this was not allowed by DC, as it would require paying royalties to his creator, Tony Isabella. Soul Power shares his costume, powers and ethnicity with him, though.


Static Shock

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