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"In another thirty seconds, your brains will be so scrambled, I'll be able to serve 'em up with bacon."[1]

Sonar was a member of Grodd's Legion of Doom and used sound-themed gimmicks.


Sonar first appeared when Lex Luthor joined the Legion. A while later, Sonar came to Luthor with Roulette who wanted more supervillains to fight at her arena. Luthor got the idea of using sound to control superheroines from Sonar. Sonar helped Roulette maintain her fights with his sound gadgets. While fighting Black Canary, he attempted to scramble her brains with one of his sound devices. However, before he could complete the process Huntress attacked him, freeing Black Canary from her brain scrambling. Huntress then threatened Sonar with her crossbow, and he stopped the control over Wonder Woman. Sonar and Roulette were then taken into custody.

Background information[]

In DC Comics, Sonar is Bito Wladon, a man from Modora who committed crimes to draw more attention to his small European country.


Justice League Unlimited


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