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"Sneak Peek" is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Batman Beyond. It depicts the near revealing of the secret identities of Batman. A mysterious man who is completely intangible is stalking Gotham, recording secrets wherever he can find them. These secrets are later displayed on a tabloid news show The Inside Peek by Ian Peek. Terry thinks the show is great until he finds that his secret will be revealed as well.


Reporter Ian Peek introduces another episode of The Inside Peek where he reveals the secrets of Gotham's elite. He prattles on about how the trainer of a heavyweight boxer is flirting with the boxer's girlfriend, how Rocker Jamie Jerald is illegally getting spliced, and, for the headline story, Paxton Powers's indecent behavior at a private party.

Matt McGinnis eagerly watches this last segment, but his mother shuts off the television. Terry, nearby, tells his mother to lighten up since it's just entertainment. She retorts that he'd think differently if it was him on the show.

Peek spies

Ian Peek spies on Jimmy Lin and Sam Young.

Later that night, a crime boss, Jimmy Lin, sneaks into City Hall for a meeting with D.A. Sam Young, to secretly testify about his gang's activities. Lin is anxious that he will be found out, but Sam assures him that they are completely alone. Neither of them knows that Lin has been followed into the building by a mysterious man seemingly composed of flashing blue and black matter, capable of passing through walls. Unnoticed by either man, the mysterious figure films Lin's testimony, until Sam sees him and summons a guard. The mystery man manages to disable a guard, then Batman arrives. He attacks, but all his punches seem to pass through empty air while the mystery man is perfectly capable of hitting Batman. Finally, the man starts a fire and escapes, entirely unharmed by the flames. While Batman is down, the man touches a device on his belt, switching off the blue and black energy field and revealing himself to be the reporter Peek.

In physics class at school, Terry learns that solid matter is mostly composed of empty space and asks if it's possible for some objects to pass through others. His teacher, surprised at Terry's sudden interest, explains that most scientists believe that to be impossible, but there was one who thought otherwise. Later, Terry talks to Bruce, who reveals that the man worked for Wayne Enterprises: Nabuo Taka, a research scientist who believed he could "phase" molecules to allow them to pass through solid matter. However, Taka can't be the mystery man, as he died in a fire years ago.

Peek finds out

Peek about to learn Gotham City's greatest secret.

The Inside Peek comes on again and Peek reveals the events of the previous night, telling about Lin's meeting with Young. Terry realizes the connection and heads out to see Peek. Peek starts having stomach pains after finishing his show. Batman confronts him at the studio, but Peek denies any knowledge. However, before Batman can further interrogate him, Lin and a gang of thugs enter and try to kill Peek. Batman stops them but loses sight of Peek, who escapes and plants a camera in the Batmobile. Unaware of the camera, Batman returns to the Batcave, talks to Bruce and removes his mask. All of this is caught on the spycam by Peek.

The next morning, Terry is woken up by Matt who alerts him on news about Batman. Getting up, Terry sees a teaser for Peek's latest episode, revealing footage of the Batcave, including blurred out images of himself and Bruce. Peek promises to reveal the secret identity of Batman and his mentor later on the night edition of the show. Terry receives a call from Bruce, who has found the spycam, but can do nothing to stop the show from airing. While Terry blames himself for their situation, Bruce accepts the fact that their identities are going to be revealed but is annoyed that someone like Ian Peek had to be the one to expose them.

At Peek's office, he has trouble with his stomach again and gets medicine to soothe the pain. He then notices Batman's sudden arrival and invites him inside, but addresses him by his real name, startling him. Peek reveals upon discovering Bruce Wayne's involvement, realizing Terry's identity was simple and proceeds to question him that Bruce Wayne was the original Batman. Ignoring his questions, Terry reveals that while he doesn't care what happens to himself, he demands Bruce be left out of this, considering all he has done for Gotham. Peek realizes how much Bruce means to him but still refuses, then mockingly asks for an interview, causing Terry to leave.

Terry returns home and finds that, along with the rest of Gotham City, both Matt and Mary are excited about seeing the show. Mary brushes off her earlier remark, as Terry ironically convinced her "it's just entertainment". Meanwhile, as Peek is getting ready for the show, he takes a tablet for his stomach pains, but it seems to have gotten worse by now. He looks down in horror and sees that his body is partially "phased" even without the belt.

At Terry's home, his mother and Matt are getting ready as the show is just about to begin. Terry, however, deciding it's best they learn the truth from him first, confesses that he's Batman. However, his mother and brother just laugh. The show starts to air but is abruptly postponed. While Matt and Mary are disappointed, Terry becomes suspicious and discreetly telephones Bruce, but there is no answer, so he goes to investigate.

Peek intangible

Peek now completely intangible as he sinks through the floor.

Bruce appears at Peek's studio in response to an urgent summoning. Peek says his body is slowly becoming completely intangible even without the belt and asks Bruce to use his company's resources to find a cure. Bruce states that there are other companies, but Peek states that Bruce's had Nabuo Taka, causing Bruce to question what he had to do with the situation. Peek then confesses that he was the last to interview Taka before he died, but Bruce states that Taka never would have talked to someone like him. Peek tells him he's a resourceful man and that he has all of Taka's files and research along with the belt. This makes Bruce realize that Peek not only stole the belt, but he was also the one who started the fire that killed Taka. Peek admits it and shamelessly defends his actions saying he had to have it, claiming that to him, the belt was a chance to kick his career into high gear. Disgusted, Bruce refuses to help him, and Peek threatens to expose both him and Terry. Bruce sees his body further deteriorating and keeps walking, aware that time is not on Peek's side. Desperate, Peek tries to give back the footage of the cave by throwing it at Bruce's feet, but he still refuses. Enraged, Peek attacks and nearly kills Bruce, but Batman arrives and saves him. Peek continues to fight and raises a gun, but his whole hand becomes intangible, followed shortly by his entire body. Still at the mercy of gravity, Peek sinks through the floor, yelling for help. Batman gives chase while Bruce picks up the disc containing the spy cam footage.

Batman just manages to reach the lowest basement level as Peek is sinking through it. He tells Peek to control his solidity so he could pull him up, and it seems to work at first, but he loses control and helplessly sinks into the ground. Bruce arrives and explains that in his phased state, Peek will likely keep right on falling until he reaches the center of the Earth, remarking that "it's about as inside as you can get".

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Production inconsistencies[]

  • When Bruce calls Terry about Peek's upcoming broadcast, the Robin suit's insignia is red when it's supposed to be yellow.
  • When Terry tries to reach Bruce on his phone, the emblem on the Nightwing costume displayed in the Batcave is red instead of blue.
  • Mr. Freeze's cold gun is visible in the Batcave, even though it was destroyed by Inque in "Disappearing Inque".
  • During the "Sneak Peak" of Jimmy Lin and Sam Young's meeting, the footage is different to what Peek recorded. During the meeting that peek recorded, Jimmy is seated while Sam is leaning on his desk, but the footage that is shown on TV shows Jimmy and Sam discussing while both standing.


  • The character model of the boxer is the same as Clayface's human disguise in the The New Batman Adventures episode "Growing Pains".
  • The scene where Terry confesses to being Batman was used for several TV spots promoting the show on Kids WB.
  • The camera used by Peek is similar to the one used by Terry in "The Last Resort".


Actor Role
Will Friedle Batman/Terry McGinnis
Kevin Conroy Bruce Wayne
Clyde Kusatsu Jimmy Lin
Paul Winfield D.A. Sam Young
Michael McKean Ian Peek
Dave Walsh Stage Manager
Marcelo Tubert Ortiz
Ryan O'Donohue Matt McGinnis
Teri Garr Mary McGinnis

Uncredited appearances[]


Bruce: City hall? Better be careful.
Terry: Always am.
Bruce: Yes, but you've never had to face politicians before.

Terry: Come on, Mom. It's just entertainment.
Mary: You wouldn't find it so entertaining if you were on the receiving end.

Terry: I'm saying that you, or someone who works for you, figured out a way of moving through walls.
Peek: Moving through walls? If I could do that I'd be a very rich reporter.
Terry: You are.

Bruce: Peek isn't really a criminal — unless being a reporter counts.

Bruce: I always assumed I'd be found out sooner or later. It's just galling that a piece of garbage like Peek had to be the one.

Terry: I don't care what you do to me. But he doesn't deserve this. He's done too much for this city to wind up in the middle of a media circus.
Peek: He means a lot to you, doesn't he?
Terry: Yeah, he does.
Peek: I believe you. I really do. That's the trouble with this business. You meet so many liars you forget what sincerity sounds like. Want to say it all again while I've got the camera running?

Terry: I thought you said it wouldn't be entertaining if you were on the receiving end.
Mary: Yeah, well, what do I know?

Terry: Mom, Matt, there's something I need to tell you.
Mary: After the show, dear.
Terry: No! It can't wait! I-I'm... Batman.
(Matt and Mary laugh)
Terry: Seriously, I am!
Mary: Terry, please!

Terry: What's gonna happen to him?
Bruce: My guess, he'll keep right on falling till he reaches the center of the Earth. It's about as 'inside' as you can get.