Smallville is a modestly-sized town in Kansas, best known for being the childhood home of Clark Kent. Lois Lane gave Clark the nickname "Smallville" to poke fun at his small-town background.


The spacecraft carrying the infant Kal-El landed near Smallville, where it was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Clark grew up in Smallville, attending Smallville High School along with Lana Lang, Pete Ross and Kenny Braverman.

Three members of the Legion of Superheroes traveled to 1980's Smallville to prevent the villain Brainiac from killing Clark Kent as a teenager. After the event, Saturn Girl used her mental abilities to make everyone in Smallville forget what had happened, including Clark.

After arriving on Earth, Supergirl lived in Smallville with the Kents.

The alien entity Unity made Smallville its base of operations, and took over many of its residents. He was stopped by Superman and Supergirl.

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