DC Animated Universe

Slam was a Spring City gang leader.


After Ro ran away from the Spring City Girls Home on Gaines Street, she was pursued by staff until Slam grabbed her into a nearby alley and offered her a place to stay with him and his crew at the abandoned Znabin Foods Inc. building. In exchange, she only needed to pass a few tests.[1] This led to Ro shoplifting food for the crew, which ultimately got her arrested. However, she escaped custody and returned to the hideout with the food in tow, impressing Slam and his crew. Impressed by her willingness to follow orders, Slam tells Ro that she's ready for "initiation step two", robbing the Cred City location at 8th and Merrill. Man-handling the young girl, the gang leader insisted she followed through on his plans, and threatened to kill her if she didn't. Nearby, Zeta, who had been hiding from NSA, witnessed the struggle and blew his cover to save the teenage girl. In the ensuing fight, Slam was caught by a constricting rope meant for Zeta.[2]


The Zeta Project

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