Skye Hoaps was the host of Skye's the Limit.


With her TV show Skye's the Limit, Skye sought to reunite strays and runaways with their families. With the help of her producer, Harry Lux, she helped several kids back on track - or so she thought.

Unbeknownst to her, Harry Lux and social worker Gwen Evans staged the show. They hired actors to play family members, considering it too costly to even search for their guests' real families, and sent kids back to foster homes after the show, collecting money from whichever home they came from. Their fraud was brought to light by Zeta, who interrupted a live recording of the search for Ro's "brother".

Enraged, Skye fired Harry - who was arrested - and vowed to do her best to set everything right. She called out to everyone she wronged to come back on the show.


The Zeta Project

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